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Morning Report: Joe Rogan on GSP vs. Bisping: ‘Why have f**king championships at all?’

When the UFC announced last week that Georges St-Pierre would be coming out of retirement to challenge Michael Bisping for his UFC middleweight championship, the response was mixed. While many fans were excited about St-Pierre’s return, and even believed the fight itself was interesting, some did not like the fact that St-Pierre was cutting to the front of the line of a division currently rife with qualified title challengers, specifically, previously presumed title contender Yoel Romero. Well, add Joe Rogan to the list of people less than thrilled about the booking.

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ColdCanadian01408d ago

Joe is the man! He doesn't take any bullshit and doesn't care what anyone thinks. He makes a legitimate point with all of this too, as per normal :)

HippieRays408d ago

I agree with Joe as I usually do, Romero deserved his shot and went through some effort to build hype. GSP just cut in line

Mcgregornador408d ago

That's what star power does! Gives ya the right to come back whenever you want and do whatever you want because you can

Tatertot408d ago

Joe always makes his point loud and clear. He's right though, UFC so desperate for stars right now, they just want one back