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Georges St-Pierre uninterested in Johny Hendricks rematch: 'He's not the same anymore'

Johny Hendricks wants a second fight with Georges St-Pierre, but the feeling isn’t mutual.

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ColdCanadian01408d ago

Hendricks looked amazing in his last fight with the use of his weight, GSP doesn't want to fight anyone that isn't on his list that's pre-approved.

HippieRays408d ago

GSP shouldn't have the power that he has. The ability to turn down a fight should only be for legitimate reasons, I hope Bisping kicks his ass

Mcgregornador408d ago

Not interested? GSP is lucky the fans are still interested in him after everything. Hendricks is doing better and a rematch would be awesome!

Tatertot408d ago

I agree! I'd love to see Hendricks and GSP again, I think it would be much better second time around after they both learned a few more things