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Christy Mack recalls years of abuse at War Machine trial

On the third day of the so-called War Machine trial, Christy Mack took the stand in a Clark County courtroom.

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ColdCanadian01376d ago

He better not be getting out of jail anytime soon, the man is a frigging monster. Hopefully he doesn't get away with this in the long run

HippieRays376d ago

34 charges? Holy shit! They better keep him locked up for a long time. Something is seriously wrong with some people, I just don't understand

Mcgregornador376d ago

Agreed, there is something really wrong with people. How could someone do such horrible things to their loved ones? and 34 charges.. wow

Tatertot376d ago

Wow, this is crazy. I'm with you guys, I hope he stays locked up and gets all 34 charges as guilty verdicts to keep him where he is