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Daniel Cormier isn’t pleased with the UFC 210 poster

Daniel Cormier’s light heavyweight title defense against Anthony Johnson is exactly one month away, and the champ is already feeling the shade being thrown at him.

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HippieRays375d ago

Cormier is that small in comparison to Johnson in real life though lol I love DC though, they should be the same size on the poster

Mcgregornador375d ago

haha! true that. DC needs to focus on training right now though, not worry himself with silly things like how he looks on the posters :)

Tatertot375d ago

I can't blame him for being pissed, that's quite the poster. If anything, Cormier should be at the top and rumble below, but I'm not in marketing

ColdCanadian01375d ago

Aren't they traditionally next to each other for posters? Facing off? This would make me mad if I was him too, but nothing he can do