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Eddie Alvarez vs. Dustin Poirier official

The UFC’s lightweight division is going to get much more interesting in Conor McGregor’s absence!

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HippieRays409d ago

Great news! this is going to be a good fight. No Khabib, but still going to be fun to watch. Alvarez didn't do so well against McGregor the first time, but this could be his chance for a great rematch!

Mcgregornador409d ago

I agree! I'm still wishing Khabib had another opportunity first. Alvarez and Poirier are both great athletes so it will still be good to watch

Tatertot409d ago

You guys gotta get off the Khabib train, it's gone. Opportunity passed and now they gotta come up with something else, we're moving forward

ColdCanadian01409d ago

I hope Alvarez wins this, I really wanna see him vs McGregor again and see if he can do a little better in the octagon this time