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Manager details events that forced Khabib Nurmagomedov out of UFC 209

Khabib Nurmagomedov knew he might be in trouble in the wee hours of March 3, when his body began revolting during his weight cut. Just hours before he was to take the scale in Las Vegas to make his UFC 209 fight with Tony Ferguson official, he found himself in the hospital, dealing with dehydration and liver pain.

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HippieRays414d ago

A learning curve indeed, they should have contacted the UFC doctors. Not only for faster treatment, but they may have been able to do something better as they're more familiar with these situations.

Mcgregornador414d ago

They did all that they can. Maybe next time he can start his weight cut earlier and let his body adjust better to each few pounds

Tatertot414d ago

Wow. That's a really good trainer to have. They definitely did everything that they could and nobody should be upset with him

ColdCanadian01414d ago

They were in the hospital for almost 7 hours? wow. Definitely should have contacted the UFC doctors firs and they would have had better service