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Eddie Alvarez ‘shocked’ Nate Diaz won’t fight him, says money has ‘changed’ him

Eddie Alvarez wants Nate Diaz next. Diaz doesn’t seem to be interested, though.

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HippieRays381d ago

Of course Diaz isn't interested and of course money changed him. He never had money before McGregor and doesn't want to put his body through hell for any less

Tatertot381d ago

That's exactly it! Nate never made big money before the McGregor fight, who would want to go backwards in pay like that

Mcgregornador381d ago

With the possibility of Diaz vs McGregor 3 getting bigger, I can't blame Nate for not wanting to take any other fight than that.

ColdCanadian01381d ago

I would love to see Diaz vs Alvarez, but you're right. Diaz vs McGregor trilogy is happening before anything else, no doubting it