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UFC 209 results: Tyron Woodley wins rematch over Stephen Thompson

What a difference three months make.

When Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson squared off at UFC 205 in November, the matchup of UFC welterweight champion Woodley’s power and wrestling and challenger Thompson’s kickboxing made for one of 2016’s most memorable matchups. The bout was called a majority draw after a wild 25 minutes.

The rematch, not so much.

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HippieRays379d ago

I personally didn't think that Woodley won this. Though they both put their all into this, Thompson should have won in my opinion.

Mcgregornador378d ago

I'm with you Hippie. They both looked ok in there, but Woodley didn't look like he usually does. I was surprised he won this.

Tatertot378d ago

Agreed! Totally should have been Thompsons win, Woodley did not look like he used to in there. I remember him being insane to watch and this was not

ColdCanadian01378d ago

I'm the only one here who agrees with the decision? Really? Woodley obviously won this, he out did Thompson, done and done