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Tony Ferguson gives reasons for declining last-minute UFC 209 offer to fight Michael Johnson

Tony Ferguson had a chance to still fight at UFC 209. As it turns out, he won’t.

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HippieRays320d ago

Although it wouldn't have been a chance at the belt, it was still a fight and he should have taken it. I'm surprised he wasn't offered the same pay though

Mcgregornador320d ago

I was really disappointed to hear this too, he should have taken the fight even with less pay. He could have made fight of the night bonus or something

Tatertot320d ago

they could have paid him the same at least to make up for the fact that he was training for Khabib but fighting Johnson. No sense

ColdCanadian01320d ago

If he said yes, the card still wouldn't have been as good. There was no saving the card, nothing he could do abot Khabib, I don't blame him for sitting this one out