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Dana White has a few thoughts on the term 'money fight'

The UFC President is sick of the term 'money fight'

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HippieRays379d ago

LOL! Dana gets so red in the face when he pissed lol He's absolutely right though, these fighters signed contracts to fight at certain purse and can't keep turning fights down

Mcgregornador378d ago

Haha! I was thinking the same thing, he's red like a lobster! I'd like to think that if he had more money he would pay his fighters better, but he's one of the richest men in the world & Bellator pays better

Tatertot378d ago

Ohhhh! lol burn :P But true, Bellator does pay better for the average fighter, star power aside. That's why a lot of fighters are going there

ColdCanadian01378d ago

Well he makes a point and I understand his frustration, but the fighters should get paid more than they do. At least more than Bellator offers :P