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UFC 209's Nurmagomedov: Forget 'fake' champ McGregor, Ferguson title fight is 'people's main event'

Khabib Nurmagomedov insists a victory at UFC 209 will make him the true UFC lightweight championship. He doesn’t care if Conor McGregor or anyone else thinks otherwise.

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HippieRays419d ago

Well that's a little bold of a statement... I'm a fan of Khabib and I'm looking forward to watching him win this one, but McGregor is a multi talented champion who is off but not at the same time. Their fight will be great to watch and a true challenge for both.

Mcgregornador419d ago

McGregor is the actual champion and Khabib will get his turn to try winning against him if he wins this. Still has a little bit to prove before saying "fake" champ

Tatertot419d ago

LOL Khabib is something else. I really admire him, his training and his power, but he is not the champ. People love him yes, but he's not the champ

ColdCanadian01419d ago

What happens if Khabib loses against Ferguson and he doesn't even get the chance? I'm hoping he wins though, I would really love to see him vs the 'fake' champ