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Romero responds to UFC booking Bisping vs. GSP

Yoel Romero is probably a frustrated man today. The top UFC middleweight is the consensus top challenger for the 185-pound belt currently held by Michael Bisping. But despite a good build between the two that included Romero calling into Bisping’s radio show and starting a GoFundMe for him, along with Romero’s manager Malki Kawa and “The Count” going at it, the bout was not made.

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HippieRays418d ago

Can't blame the man for being upset, he was really original with the Gofundme idea & was building this fight up nicely. I wonder if those people who donated are going to get their money back? lol

ColdCanadian01418d ago

Well I personally would rather see Bisping vs GSP than Romero, even if he was inventive with the gofundme account. lol and I'm not sure if they'd get a refund or not :P

Mcgregornador418d ago

A lot of people are pissed about this, rightfully so. The hype for Romero vs Bisping was getting big and there was a lot of effort put in.

Tatertot418d ago

So now Romero has to wait to fight whoever wins Bisping vs GSP, that's enough to make anyone mad. No power like Star power right?

417d ago