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Khabib’s father denied visa into the US for UFC 209

It appears as though Khabib Nurmagomedov’s own family will not be in attendance to watch the fighter potentially become the first Russian UFC champion.

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MagicBeanz385d ago

Before the Trump comments start, from the article:

"This is not the first time that Russian citizens from the North Caucasus have struggled to gain entry into the United States."

NecotheSergal385d ago

They'll be quick to blame everything on Trump, even though news articles and issues like this happen everywhere worldwide, it's just they'll confuse the difference of "I never read this news prior to Trump presidency thus every news article I read MUST MEAN it's a problem that ONLY started now!" type of ignorance.

HippieRays383d ago

Hmmm.. that's an interesting perspective to have. I've read and listened to the news for many years, as a citizen of Canada and USA. I am quite familiar with how the media works with their scare tactics and other messed up ways to make a dollar. I am also familiar with having difficulties entering the USA, back when Bush was president. It's easy to blame a lot on Trump these days when he so publicly declares his ignorance, but not everything immediately will be blamed on him, Khabibs father is Russian & not the focus of Trumps ban. But he has a ban. That's ignorance in my opinion.

Mcgregornador383d ago

That's a shame, Khabibs father has played a huge role in his career so far. Hopefully he can return to the US in the future and they can give him at least a reason for the denial.

ColdCanadian01383d ago

Agreed! He at least deserves a reason for why he has been able to travel there before but now is not allowed to. I hope this doesn't affect Khabib

Mcgregornador382d ago

I'm hoping the same thing, Khabib needs to focus and not let this get him down. Last thing I want is for him to lose this

Tatertot383d ago

I won't get started on the Trump thing, but people have had troubles for years trying to get into the US. I just wish his father would be able to be there for him, it's a respect thing