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Rodriguez now getting recognized by American fans

Yair Rodriguez talks to the media at UFC 208 about his knee injury, life after defeating MMA legend B.J. Penn, the UFC bringing him to New York Fashion Week, and much more.

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HippieRays384d ago

Good for him! He deserves the fame after his performance against a legend like Penn. I'm still surprised Penn wants to fight again after that

Mcgregornador383d ago

Of course he is getting recognized now, he was finally able to get a big money fight. Penns name brings popularity, Yair deserved the opportunity & proved himself yet again

Tatertot383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

He definitely should have been recognized by fans before, he has had some great fights so far! Although not many big name fights, but that shouldn't be what it's about

ColdCanadian01383d ago

Most of his wins were decision though. Not saying he isn't talented, but decision wins aren't normally the fights that are talked about unless a bad decision. I've personally liked him for years tho, so I'm not sure why people are just now catching on