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Ferguson to McGregor: Hey, ‘McNuggets’, ‘we don’t want you here’

All the focus is on Conor McGregor’s potential boxing showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr., but No. 2 ranked UFC lightweight contender Tony Ferguson, who takes on Khabib Nurmagomedov for the interim lightweight belt next Saturday, couldn’t care less.

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HippieRays420d ago

Ferguson is just trying to build some hype for a potential fight. Isn't the winner of Khabib vs Ferguson the one who Dana wants to fight McGregor next? Everyone wants Khabib to win

ColdCanadian01420d ago

I agree! He's gotta try something to make that fight look good. I'm with you, I want Khabib to win so he can face Conor next

Mcgregornador420d ago

Can't blame him for wanting to build some hype, it's just pointless though. Khabib is going to win and he will be the next to face McGregor if he doesn't get Mayweather