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Florian: GSP vs Conor is the biggest fight in UFC history

Georges St-Pierre, with the unlikely but key assistance from Freddie Roach, has finally hammered out a new deal with the UFC for his comeback fight. No opponent has been announced just yet, but his head coach Firas Zahabi says the “ideal scenario” for him would be GSP returning against either Michael Bisping or Conor McGregor

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PapaBop424d ago

For GSP vs McGregor to be the biggest fight in history, GSP will need a few wins under his belt first to show that he's coming back at his best. Right now for me, the GSP vs Penn fight was the biggest fight in history because both at the time were damn near unbeatable and in their prime. To a lesser extent, Liddel vs Ortiz was probably up there too.

armbarred424d ago

Yep, no idea what GSP is gonna be like coming back. I could quite easily see a scenario of him returning and getting KO'ed in a few seconds just like Aldo.

HippieRays424d ago

GSP has not stopped training since the day he left the UFC. He is not coming back to the game rusty in any way I don't think.

ColdCanadian01422d ago

He has been training a lot since taking time off, more than ever. He might look better than ever to be honest, now he vs McGregor can't happen for awhile, so we will have to wait for this history to be made

Mcgregornador424d ago

Although is would be great to see the two go at it, GSP should have a come back fight first. See how he does & if he's worth the star power he holds still.

Tatertot424d ago

It would be awesome to see this happen, but it won't happen anytime soon. McGregor is gone for awhile and I think he's pursuing Mayweather first. GSP coming back to fill the hole