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Cody Garbrandt: I think I broke Dominick Cruz at UFC 207

LAS VEGAS — Cody Garbrandt said immediately after he defeated Dominick Cruz to win the UFC bantamweight title that his preference for a first title defense was, well, the same man he just beat.

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HippieRays426d ago

Garbrandt definitely looked amazing against Cruz, but I don't think he broke him. Cruz wasn't really performing the same way he normally does.

ColdCanadian01424d ago

He didn't break him. We're all human and Cruz just had a bad night while Garbrandt had a good one. Hopefully Dillishaw will be knocking him out asap :)

Mcgregornador426d ago

Cody got into his head, it showed in the fight, that's all. Cruz will come back bigger, better and stronger than before I am hoping :)

ColdCanadian01424d ago

Cody did get into his head, but Cruz got into his too. I'm hoping Cruz comes back bigger and better but I'm thinking he may just stick with commentating

Tatertot426d ago

I am so tired of this kid already and there's a whole season of TUF to get through before I can watch him lose. Cocky kid will hopefully get his

ColdCanadian01424d ago

lol I am tired of him too! He's an arrogant little bugger and I'm hoping Dillishaw sets him straight at the end of TUF because he talks too much in my opinion