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Roy Jones wants to fight Anderson Silva on Conor/Floyd card

A boxing fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather isn’t a done deal yet, but Roy Jones Jr. has a good idea for a co-headliner on this mythical card - himself against UFC middleweight legend Anderson Silva. The 46-year-old legend took to social media to make his point known, saying the two bouts would make it the biggest event of all time

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HippieRays425d ago

Well this could make it more appealing to Dana. Two of his huge stars taking on one card? Financially, this would be a very smart decision for the UFC to do

Tatertot425d ago

Yea but do you think Dana is gonna budge? We all know how stubborn he is and at this point it seems more like he's trying to make a point

ColdCanadian01423d ago

He is definitely trying to pull off the tough guy act which I don't understand. We all know how much he loves money, he needs to stop being stubborn. He doesn't own Conor, he should try working with him on it past the 25 mil offer

ColdCanadian01423d ago

With how hard they're working on their star power right now, they would be just stupid to say no to this whole thing now. It's what the fans want too, not just what the fighters want

Mcgregornador425d ago

Silva has been wanting to fight him for years! If McGregor gets to fight Mayweather, then Anderson should be able to fight Jones. Same card would be huge!

ColdCanadian01423d ago

Silva should get this fight! I remember hearing him saying that he wanted this years ago, and with all the talk of McGregor vs Mayweather, Silva wants some hype too. He's put a lot into UFC