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The List: Making the case for 5 possible Georges-St Pierre UFC comeback fights

For too long, our writers’ hyper-specific arguments have been confined to the private corridors of the Internet. Welcome to The List, where we take their instant message bickerings, add a little polish, and make them public. Today, we make a case for who should fight Georges St-Pierre in his UFC comeback fight.

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HippieRays425d ago

GSP against any of these guys would be great to see. The UFC is really stacked with talent, but really trying to gain some star power back

ColdCanadian01423d ago

With Conor and Ronda gone, they don't have a big name to turn to. They're really trying to pump up the GSP return so we all get excited

Mcgregornador425d ago

I'd love to see him vs Woodley or Thompson so that can go either way. A Diaz brother because it would be fun lol it would definitely be fun with either Diaz brother in there :P

ColdCanadian01423d ago

GSP vs Woodley would be great too. I find Woodley has been talking a lot of shit lately to get a big fight, so this might be it. But a Diaz brother, now that is the gold for me. Either Diaz brother is agreed but preferably Nate for me

Tatertot425d ago

I am hoping they make something of GSP vs Silva, that would have been amazing years ago and still just as exciting in my opinion

ColdCanadian01423d ago

I agree! I was really hoping to see that before Silva broke his leg, it's been a long time! They're both still as talented, I would frigging love seeing this!