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The Best Fights the UFC Can Make Right Now

The UFC is at a crossroads.

Ronda Rousey, one of its two biggest stars, has lost two fights in a row and might never return. Conor McGregor, the biggest draw in the sport's history, is in no hurry to return to the Octagon.

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HippieRays390d ago

I would personally love to see Robbie Lawler vs Donald Cerrone and Silva vs GSP! All the fights on here would be exciting though

ColdCanadian01388d ago

I'm hoping for Silva vs GSP, I have wanted that for many years now! Cerrone vs Lawler would be good, in all honesty this whole list is incredible

Mcgregornador390d ago

Great list! Liking the ideas they came up with! If they could pull half of these fights off this year, it would be an incredible year of fights!

ColdCanadian01388d ago

It would be an insane year if half of this list came to life! I definitely think we could top out the PPV numbers from 2016 if that happened

Tatertot390d ago

Ferguson vs Diaz would be frigging amazing, Cerrone vs Lawler too. I like most of the idea of most of these

ColdCanadian01388d ago

Cerrone vs Lawler really caught my eye! Cerrone has been such a beast, he may not have won the last one, but he has plenty more wins in him :)