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Rousey returns to acting with ‘Blindspot’ guest starring role

While Ronda Rousey’s fighting career is still very much up in the air, one of her other pursuits looks to be picking up again. Rousey made a name for herself in the acting world during her resounding success in the UFC, and she will continue on in that area with a guest starring role in NBC’s “Blindspot” in May.

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HippieRays393d ago

Well good for her I suppose. I'm glad she's not fighting right now, maybe she can stay with acting and fully retire from the octagon

ColdCanadian01391d ago

I suppose I could be happy for her. I hope she does something she really enjoys away from the octagon so we can watch the real fighters in there

Mcgregornador393d ago

She can stick to acting so long as there is a hard ass woman character to play with limited emotions. She can nail that role perfectly

Tatertot393d ago

There is always a rough woman character to play, she can stick to acting and stay away from fighting & I will be happy

ColdCanadian01391d ago

and that's exactly what this role is lol I think she will do just fine away from the octagon and on a show I can avoid watching if needed :)