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Aldo: Holloway isn’t a 'complete fighter,' but still dangerous

The UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, recently analyzed his fight with interim champion, Max Holloway for the first time since the bout was officially announced. Although Holloway currently rides a ten-fight winning streak, Aldo doesn't see him as a complete fighter, though he recognizes the threat Holloway presents.

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HippieRays394d ago

I can't wait for UFC 212 when they can finally settle who is better. They are both very talented, but Aldo may be a bit rusty by now

ColdCanadian01391d ago

That is what I was thinking. Both of them are absolutely insane to watch, but Aldo really isn't the same as before his Mcgregor loss. He's missing something

Mcgregornador394d ago

Aldo may be a bit out of practice, I can agree there. He is still a beast though. Holloway is a monster too, so it's hard to guess who will win this one.

Tatertot394d ago

I agree with the Hippie. Aldo was a champion and was a beast, but I think his days may be behind him. Holloway is an incredible athlete and I see him winning personally

ColdCanadian01391d ago

lol agree with the Hippie? haha I'm a hippie too and totally agree. Both are talented, but Holloway has looked much better lately in comparision