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Freddie Roach gives timeline for Georges St-Pierre's next fight, will be in his corner

Fans were ecstatic to hear that Georges St-Pierre and the UFC have finally reached an agreement for St-Pierre to fight again in the Octagon.

Famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach and St-Pierre’s CAA agent, Nick Khan, arranged the deal with UFC President Dana White and now the world is waiting to hear who St-Pierre will fight in his return.

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HippieRays426d ago

This is a good opportunity for Freddie Roach to be coaching in the UFC for the first time. St Pierre is the perfect athlete to coach I could imagine

ColdCanadian01422d ago

I'm sure by this point, GSP pretty much trains himself. This will be a great first experience for Freddie to coach in, looking forward to seeing how the corner makes out

Mcgregornador426d ago

It will be good to see Georges back no matter who he fights against. The UFC could use a star right about now too so his return is needed

ColdCanadian01422d ago

UFC is definitely needing a star right now, GSP is the perfect fit for it. Ronda I think is done for good, and depending on how Dana works with Conor on the Mayweather fight, he may get fed up and quit. Looking forward to seeing GSP in action

Tatertot426d ago

I agree. No matter who he fights, it's going to be great to watch. He has incredibly diverse training, I have always admired him

ColdCanadian01422d ago

He has always been great to watch. That's why he and Conor are possibly my favorites, their training. They go beyond the limits and really enhanced their movement, flow and power with their training