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Why Freddie Roach says Conor McGregor has chance to beat Floyd Mayweather in boxing

When it comes to assessing how a potential Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match could play out, Freddie Roach has a unique perspective.

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HippieRays427d ago

McGregor may lack experience as a boxer, but Roach is right when he says it only takes one hit. One hit can change it and Conor could win this, or lose it all in the same

Mcgregornador427d ago

McGregor has great power behind his punch and Mayweather takes pride in not getting hit. One hit will be all it takes, you're right.

ColdCanadian01423d ago

Mayweather takes pride in not getting hit and in being retired. The man could be rusty and McGregor could get that one hit in no problem

ColdCanadian01423d ago

One hit is all it took with Aldo :P Conor has incredible power in his punch, his one hit could take Mayweather out if he can hit him. But his movement training is fantastic too

Tatertot427d ago

McGregor can throw a punch and take a few good hits to the face. He has incredible movement too, I really don't knonw who would win this

ColdCanadian01423d ago

It sounds like you do know who will win this lol I'm rooting for McGregor all the way. His specialty may not be boxing but he is an active athlete, a very talented one too