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Coach wants McGregor or Bisping for GSP’s return fight

Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi wants Georges St-Pierre’s return to the UFC to be a big one.

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HippieRays426d ago

McGregor or Bisping? Both big fights and money makers but I don't see him vs McGregor yet. Diaz would be good to see again, otherwise I go with Bisping

ColdCanadian01422d ago

Had to throw Diaz in the mix! Either Diaz would be good too. Between Bisping and Mcgregor though, I would choose Bisping first

Mcgregornador426d ago

I'd love to see GSP vs Bisping, they are both incredibly talented and entertaining to watch. I see Bisping winning if it did happen

ColdCanadian01422d ago

You see Bisping winning really? GSP's training is amazing and although Bisping is talented in the octagon, I'd think that GSP would win between the two

Tatertot426d ago

Well, GSP vs McGregor won't be an immediate thing so that will have to wait. Bisping would be good to see too though

ColdCanadian01422d ago

True enough, with McGregor out for 10 months, it's silly for coach to throw his name in the mix. What about Silva too? GSP vs anyone at this point would be good