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Conor McGregor Working the Bag in Cali

Conor McGregor work out on the bag while in Los Angeles California

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armbarred396d ago

Mayweather might knock someone out for the first time in his life

Mcgregornador396d ago

He's looking pretty good! Definitely needs more practice with his boxing, but he's on the right path. His diverse training continues.

ColdCanadian01392d ago

He looks pretty good is right! I'm proud of him for trying! his diverse training is so impressive & it's helped him shine so far!

HippieRays395d ago

Nice to see he's still keeping active with his time off! Can't wait to see him vs Mayweather, even if he doesn't win, I think it's cool that he's really trying to push himself.

ColdCanadian01392d ago

I agree! I admire him for wanting to try this, if he wins or he loses. we won't know unless he tries right? he's looking pretty good here to me

Tatertot395d ago

Conor doesn't have a chance for this boxing match in my opinion. I definitely respect him for trying, but I don't see him winning this.

ColdCanadian01392d ago

really?? I wouldn't go as far to say he doesn't have a chance, I'd say his chances aren't looking great but he's not hopeless