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Thiago Santos defeats Jack Marshman with technical knockout | UFC FIGHT NIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Watch highlights of Thiago Santos' TKO victory against Jack Marshman at UFC Fight Night in Halifax, Canada.

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Mcgregornador428d ago

This was an amazing fight! I'm surprised there are no articles mentioning Hendricks win. It was the first one in a long time, also a great fight last night

ColdCanadian01424d ago

Hendricks win was amazing! I was so happy for him! He looks much better at this weight and he does have a lot more energy now too

HippieRays428d ago

Definitely a great fight! All night the fights were amazing, some incredible talent visited Halifax this time! It was great to see!

ColdCanadian01424d ago

I live in Halifax and was so happy with the whole card! great night of fights and even the behind the scenes operations were smoother. Great night!

Tatertot428d ago

This caught me by surprise, an amazing move to pull off! Looked fantastic! Can't wait to see what they have planned for him next!