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Coker: ‘We ran out of time’ to book late-replacement for Fedor

Fans heading to Bellator 172 on Saturday to witness MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko take on Matt Mitrione in the main event were left hugely disappointed when the bout was scrapped at the last minute.

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Mcgregornador427d ago

That was a huge disappointment. Can't be mad at Mitrione, shouldn't have to fight while trying to pass kidney stones, they are incredibly painful

ColdCanadian01423d ago

Can't wait for them to pass, I wanna see this fight happen. They can't skip rebooking this fight can they? Going to be great to watch

HippieRays427d ago

It was a huge piss off, definitely agreed. It was supposed to be such a great fight, hopefully Matt passes them quickly so we can see this happen

Tatertot427d ago

This fight will happen, just gotta wait a little bit longer and hopefully not be disappointed next time it's booked. I'm sure Fedor is pissed.

ColdCanadian01423d ago

Fedor seemed understanding and not pissed, I'm sure he was disappointed like the rest of us, but it will happen eventually