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BREAKING! Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy has been cleared to fight again by cardiologists in the UK

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy (25-10-1 MMA) has apparently received the necessary paperwork from doctors which would allow him to once again compete inside the octagon.

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HippieRays426d ago

So he's coming back for one big fight to make some money and then going back to commentary? That's kinda messed up, why not just stay commentator?

Mcgregornador426d ago

Because he's broke and wants to make some big money quickly. but I have no idea who he would fight within fair competition

HippieRays425d ago

Well that makes sense that he wants to make some big money quickly, but what big money fight would he deserve at this point?

ColdCanadian01423d ago

Maybe he misses fighting and wants to make some extra money. He's a great fighter and pretty good at commentating too