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411 Fact or Fiction MMA: Should Holly Holm get a Rematch?

Sit back and relax because it’s time for another round of, 411 Fact or Fiction MMA

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HippieRays393d ago

Yes Holly Holm should get a rematch! It just wont happen though with Cyborg in the cards. Holm always gets screwed out of deserved rematches

Mcgregornador393d ago

Can't argue there! It's been tough to watch her career go south the way it has, she definitely deserves a rematch but Cyborg owns it

ColdCanadian01391d ago

I feel bad for her though. She is a really modest and incredibly talented person, she knows she has deserved rematches and just accepts the moving forward with grace. I hope the next fight she has good judges and gets the one hit she needs

Tatertot393d ago

If it went to a draw, like it should have, Cyborg would have had to wait until the rematch and then fight whoever won from that. Cyborg was the one who was unable to fight at the time

HippieRays392d ago

I agree! I wish it could work that way. Cyborg had a golden opportunity and messed it up. Holly deserves a rematch and Cyborg should wait.

ColdCanadian01391d ago

I hope you don't mind if I call you the Hippie like the others do lol, I completely agree with you. Now is Holly vs Cyborg were to happen, who would win?

ColdCanadian01391d ago

Exactly! It should have been a draw! Cyborg was warned too many times and should have lost a point. She should be the one waiting it out for Germaine to come back and rematch Holm