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Holly Holm: The One Hit Wonder of MMA

Jeffrey Harris: "After this underwhelming stretch of fights for her, I’m going to present the argument that Holly Holm has become a one hit wonder in the world of MMA."

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Mcgregornador393d ago

I am sincerely hoping she can come back from this. A re-match would be great, but I'm thinking Cyborg gets the next fight and then maybe Cyborg vs Holly?

HippieRays393d ago

And you really think Holly will come back when she fights Cyborg? Cyborg will destroy her in no time. Sadly, I say she may be done.

Mcgregornador392d ago

I actually agree, you're right. Holly doesn't really stand a chance against Cyborg. A re match with Germaine would have been better for her but it wont happen

ColdCanadian01389d ago

Cyborg vs Holly would be good but I don't think that's what would be good for Holm. She deserves a rematch first and then Cyborg gets winner

Tatertot393d ago

Maybe some time off will do her good and then maybe a weight change or something. This division is so small, there's no chance for fair game

ColdCanadian01389d ago

It would be nice to see more talent and competition in the division it's quite slim right now, Holly could go back up that wouldn't be bad