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Philippe Nover Retires After UFC 208 Loss

Following his UFC 208 loss to Rick Glenn, Philippe Nover took to social media to announce his retirement today.

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Mcgregornador392d ago

Can't say I blame him after a loss like that. I'm sure there are lots of other things he can do with his life, he's still pretty young

HippieRays392d ago

Good for him! His career maybe didn't go the way he wanted to in the end, but at least he had the opportunity with the UFC

Tatertot392d ago

He had a pretty good career, he deserves his retirement. Hopefully he does something he truly enjoys now

ColdCanadian01388d ago

That's what I was thinking! Lately he hasn't been the greatest but he did have a good career in the UFC. I hope he does something he really enjoys now