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Odds: Mayweather still big favorite over McGregor

Have you heard enough about a possible Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing match yet? Well, here’s one more post for you to wrap your head around. While the bout is nowhere near official as of right now and there are a lot of roadblocks in the way of it actually happening, oddsmakers will set a gambling line about just about anything. So it should come as no surprise that there’s been one for this fight for a while.

What is a bit surprising though is that the line is actually getting a little closer.

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Tatertot394d ago

It seems like they're really lining things up for this to work out. I'm not sure if Mayweather would win, but not completely faithful that McGregor would either. I'd love to see it

ColdCanadian01388d ago

It's really hard to judge this whole thing after what we've seen in the past: Legends being taken down by one lucky shot. This can go either way. I personally don't think Mayweather can pack a heavy enough punch to knock McGregor out, and others claim McGregor doesn't have the speed to catch Mayweather. If that's the case, McGregor may surprise you with his movement and Mayweather can't get much heavier of a punch then he has. We will see what happens

HippieRays394d ago

I like how active this is staying in the news. Media wont let the idea die down as McGregor keeps trying to make the fight happen. Hope we get to see it

ColdCanadian01388d ago

Media wont let this or the GSP return die down, both are the biggest stories in MMA right now. Can't really blame them for making it their focus, this would be one of the greatest fights I could imagine seeing

Mcgregornador394d ago

Mayweather would have the odds in his favor because it would be a boxing match and that is his specialty. Conor could get a lucky shot in and win it though

ColdCanadian01388d ago

That's why I don't like that everyone is saying Mayweather is going to win this. Just because boxing is his specialty, doesn't mean McGregors specialties should be under looked. The man has speed, power and durability. I see him going as long as it takes to get the one hit to knock Mayweather down. Here's to hoping