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Mark Hunt 'King Kong' trailer UFC 209

Mark Hunt 'King Kong' trailer UFC 209

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Tatertot430d ago

This is going to be such a great fight, I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes for Hunt. No matter what, I hope he wins in court..however that is progressing

ColdCanadian01425d ago

I'm not sure if Hunt is still pursuing that or not. I haven't heard anything about it in a while and the UFC seems to be kissing his ass a lot lately, maybe they paid him off and Brock retiring was good enough? Now is Brock comes back again short notice and skips the testing again... then be pissed.

HippieRays430d ago

Nice little promo to build some hype! Interesting to see Hunt gets a little plug for his clothing line at the ending of it :P

Mcgregornador430d ago

I thought they were only allowed to promote Reebok? UFC really kissing his ass after the court threats..

HippieRays429d ago

I think they're only supposed to be promoting Reebok. They're definitely sucking up to Hunt to try to sweeten this court situation

ColdCanadian01425d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. They probably paid him off or something to quiet that down, bad for the UFC to be sued within the first few months of ownership changes.