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Fightweets: Is Georges St-Pierre risking his legacy with his return?

It seemed like just another weekend in the mixed martial arts world was on the docket, with Saturday’s Bellator 172 and Sunday’s UFC Fight Night in Canada.

Then a bonkers news day broke out on Friday, with Georges St-Pierre making his return to the UFC official and Cris Cyborg being cleared by USADA.

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Tatertot394d ago

I think he is going to do fantastic once he gets back in there, he hasn't stopped training since he left & his training is incredibly diverse. Talented athlete, star power aside, I'll be happy to have him back

Mcgregornador394d ago

He may be over rated with the star power, but I won't argue with his diverse training. The man has talent, UFC could use some star power right now.

Tatertot390d ago

lol they could definitely use some star power right now. They're desperate for a big name and trying to pull all the little guys to make up for it

ColdCanadian01389d ago

He was able to win a few decisions back in the day from his star power, but otherwise he deserves the name and fame he gets. The UFC really could use some big names right now though with their biggest names elsewhere

ColdCanadian01389d ago

He is one of the only guys I've ever seen do the splits no problem, the man even looks like a beast when he's doing gymnastics it's insane. He trains in many ways and it shows when he's in the octagon. I think that's why McGregor is so successful too, both of them understand the essentials of body movement, structure and flow from their training that not a lot of MMA athletes take part in. How many of them understand capoeira?

HippieRays394d ago

Him coming back to the octagon could be the best thing to happen to UFC so far this year, I'm happy to hear he's coming back

PapaBop393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

To me, his legacy wasn't just his prolific win record but also that of a true modern day martial artist and the model professional/athlete, win or lose, he'll always have the respect. Who remembers Chuck Liddel for his late career losses? Regardless, this is GSP we're talking about, he'll come back in top condition. Give him a few fights to show he hasn't lost it we could potentially talk about a GSP McGregor match which would be one of the biggest MMA fights in history if it happened.

ColdCanadian01388d ago

I agree with this completely, well said! GSP is a legend for rightful reasons, he has earned the title. I don't think he really needs to prove himself back in the octagon though, have you seen his recent training videos? Might look better than ever. Now GSP vs McGregor would be amazing too, but with Conor off right now there needs to be other venues. I personally would love to see GSP vs Silva, I've wanted that for years!