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Editorial: Is the end near for the UFC’s flyweight division?

It’s been five years since the UFC debuted the flyweight division, which has been ruled by Demetrious Johnson from the day he won the four-man tournament final over Joseph Benavidez. Two more wins for Mighty Mouse will earn him the all-time record for most successful UFC title defenses and further cement his status as one of the greatest fighters in the sport’s history.

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Tatertot394d ago

They can't get rid of the division, but they should be looking for new talent... not new stars. I understand cutting corners to save money, but not whole division

ColdCanadian01388d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking, find more talent not close a whole division. Saving money should not be their concern right now, making money should be

HippieRays394d ago

That would be stupid of them to do. Lots of talent in the division. Not sure if it's possible, but if he could move up a weight class, he maybe wouldn't be so dominant.

ColdCanadian01388d ago

He can't move up a weight class, he's Mighty Mouse not house. He's small and lethal. The UFC just needs to find more talent in the right weight classes instead of over stacking others

Mcgregornador394d ago

Johnson still has two more fights before this should even be in question. This should never be in question actually. Bad idea all around

ColdCanadian01388d ago

I'm glad that is the general consensus around here, smart people. I'm really starting to like this site. Glad I found it!