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Tatertot430d ago

Well.. good for her. I'm still wishing Holly would get a rematch before Cyborg and Germaine fight, but I'm doubting that will happen now.

HippieRays430d ago

yea Holly wont be getting no rematch right now. Cyborg needs a fight and there are only 2 options. Unless Cyborg vs Holly?

ColdCanadian01425d ago

That would be a great fight to see, but it will probably be Cyborg vs Germaine. Holly wont get her rematch like she deserves, once again

Mcgregornador430d ago

I think this is good news. Although she uses various banned substances, she is still a frigging beast and the whole reason this weight class was created.

ColdCanadian01425d ago

she is a beast! I can't wait for her to be back in the octagon, no matter who she faces it will be an entertaining fight to watch!

IamTylerDurden1430d ago

Wow. Good. She is the rightful 145lb champ.

ColdCanadian01425d ago

She is the reason the division was created but that doesn't automatically make her the rightful champ. History of banned substances is all I hear when I hear her name. A beast, but a steroid made beast