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TJ Dillashaw Claims Cody Garbrandt Wanted to Leave Alpha Male with Him

There is a lot of talk about the bad blood between TJ Dillashaw and Team Alpha Male. Dillashaw thinks the mastermind behind the ill will toward him is Urijah Faber. But, Dillashaw also claims that Cody Garbrandt was looking to leave Team Alpha Male at one point and train alongside him.

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HippieRays396d ago

I actually believe Dillishaw on this. Garbrandt doesn't seem like the loyal type, he'll move onto other things if it better suits him

Mcgregornador396d ago

Yea I don't see this as too far fetched. Garbrandt claimed he an Dillishaw were never friends, but wanted to fight Conor before for talking shit about him because he was his friend. Oye.