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Georges St-Pierre open to fighting Nick Diaz or Michael Bisping

Throughout the course of the past year, reports and rumors have continued to surface in regards to a potential return of Georges St-Pierre.

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Tatertot397d ago

Really? See I'm the opposite, I'd love to see him vs Bisping. Bisping has incredible talent and they haven't faced eachother yet

Mcgregornador397d ago

Oh this is good to hear! I would love to see either of these fights happen. I'm definitely wishing for Niaz, but wouldn't be disappointed with Bisping

Tatertot396d ago

looks like it went official tonight: GSP is back! I'm still hoping for Bisping, but no matter who he fights it will be great to see him back in the octagon

Mcgregornador391d ago

He definitely has become the talk of the MMA world with his return. Whoever he fights first, it will be a well promoted event.They need their superstars this year

HippieRays397d ago

I would frigging love to see GSP vs Diaz, that would be an amazing fight! definitely a 'money fight' like Diaz wants too

kevnb397d ago

weve already had that fight, it wasnt that great.

HippieRays396d ago

It would be a good rematch though after the two of them have had so much time off. I know GSP has still been training quite fierce, and Diaz may have learned a few new skills since. I really enjoyed the first fight but that might be because of how much I like both fighters. Still, I'd love to see a rematch :)

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