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Bookies Release Odds On GSP’s Comeback Opponent

Georges St. Pierre's return to the UFC isn't even official yet but already people are salivating over potential fights for the Canadian superstar's comeback appearance.

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T0phav0k400d ago

As long as he doesn't take needless damage, or comes back one step off the pace, I'd absolutely love to see him back.
He had by far the most sensible, high percentage fight style in the history of MMA. He knew exactly how to shut down shop, how to dictate the fight and how to amplify the tools he had at his disposal.
GSP hasn't had his chin fail on him, or is suddenly undersized in a quickly evolving weight class. If he can work close to the level he was at before, he'll still be a massively difficult guy to beat. We've never really seen this kind of thing play out in MMA, aside maybe Randy Couture who really retired because Hollywood had come calling and he knew he couldn't beat a ridiculously powerful Chuck at the time.
Everyone else who's retired and come back had already been falling off the mountain, or has had their body shut down on them.
When you look at the current top 10 at 170lbs and the recent performance level of those guys, I'd favour even a rusty GSP in a lot of them.

HecTroy400d ago

Look at the amount of strikes he took in his last 4 fights, they pretty much outnumber the total strikes he took in every other fight he had in the UFC combined. Honestly I really hope GPS never comes back, he already said he would miss periods of time, and thought aliens abducted him and shit (Watch when he was on Joe Rogans podcast, he wouldn't go into too much detail, but the things he did admit to were startling), he doesn't need to get hit in the head anymore, he left one hell of a mark on the sport of MMA, and doesn't need to pull a BJ Penn.
Edit: just looked it up on fightmetric and added it up, he took 508 total strikes in his last 4 fights, and a total of 636 in his other 23 fights. I'd just as soon not see him add to those numbers.

T0phav0k400d ago

In his last three fights alone, look who he fought - especially Diaz. Those guys are huge output fighters. Aside from Hendricks, Condit and Diaz are famed for their workrate and relentless pressing. If he'd fought anyone else I'd be worried for him, but these stats are as expected.

HecTroy400d ago

T0phaw0k: Diaz landed the least out of those 4, he only landed 80 strikes total, whereas Johny Hendricks, who is not known as a volume striker landed 142, significantly more than he's landed in any other fight he's had in the UFC except one of the fights with Lawler.
Now we'll take a look at Condit, who landed 190, the only times he's landed even close to that many was against Kampmann in their 2nd fight, and Diaz, most of the rest of his fights were much less.
And lastly Jake Shields, who's only landed more than 100 strikes total in 2 of his 37 fights.
Out of those 4, Nick Diaz, the one most known as being a volume striker landed the least amount of strikes total. It's a hell of a lot less about who his opponent was and more to do with the fact that age doesn't creep up on people in MMA, it hits them like a ton of bricks, GSP looked a lot different in those last few fights than he did in any of the fights prior.

Mcgregornador399d ago

haha! Although I do hope he comes back, I think this is funny. He was so foolish on Joe Rogans podcast lol he knew he would be ridiculed though, that's why he didn't go too far into his "experiences" lol I enjoy watching him fight, not so much listening to him speak

TheBadElfDude400d ago

Cm Punk is 150/1......... GSP would kill that dude

Tatertot399d ago

I'd love to see him vs Bisping. The two of them would be quite the competition for eachother and more entertaining than Diaz in my opinion.