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Derek Brunson to appeal loss to Anderson Silva

That’s two for two out of the losers of the UFC 208 marquee fights that aren’t happy.
On the same day that Holly Holm officially filed an appeal against her main event loss to Germaine de Randamie, Derek Brunson has revealed he intends to do the same in regards to his defeat to Anderson Silva. The news was reported first by Damon Martin of Fox Sports.

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armbarred433d ago

How often do these appeals actually work? How often is the decision actually changed on appeal? Anyone know?

Mcgregornador433d ago

I'm not sure, this is the first I've heard of one other than Holly. I didn't know it was an option for fighters. I'm happy to hear they're both trying though

HippieRays433d ago

Great to see he's standing up for this. Him and Holly won in my opinion, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this

Tatertot433d ago

He could definitely win this, good for him to push it. He and Holm are the first I've heard of this too. good luck to them!