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Holly Holm Files Appeal of UFC 208 Loss to Germaine de Randamie

Holly Holm is filing an appeal with the New York State Athletic Commission following her loss to Germaine de Randamie at UFC 208 in Brooklyn.

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HecTroy397d ago

Big John McCarthy did a radio interview in the past days and stated clearly that GDR broke no rules and did nothing wrong. He reminded all the listeners that the bell/horn is not the end of the round, it's when the ref calls it and separates the fighters.

T0phav0k397d ago

Big John often talks out of his... Read rule 28 under fouls in the unified rules of mma: 'attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded at the end of a period of unarmed combat.' It doesn't mention the ref's intervention at all, just the bell.

HecTroy397d ago

What did the score card say? If one point would´ve been deducted, would it have changed the final result?

TheBadElfDude397d ago

I think they were all 48-47 GDR. If One point would have been taken, it would have been a draw. Best of luck to Holly for getting this to become a No Contest.
I honestly hated watching this fight and would have preferred a 5 round scrap between nobody on this card. This card sucked.

BlackTar187396d ago

Big john is talking out his ass. If the buzzer means nothing then remove it and give a headset to the ref so he can hear it only and stop the round The buzzer seems irrelevant if it doesn't end the round until they are separated.

armbarred396d ago

I find it hard to believe what Big John is saying to be honest...

Mcgregornador396d ago

Agreed. If the buzzer doesn't mark the end of the round, I guess its supposed to notify the ref to stop the fight & he was just slow? None the less, it was a dirty move, no ref can change my mind on that

396d ago
HippieRays396d ago

Good for her! I hope she wins this appeal and gets what she deserves finally, this fight should have been a draw.

Tatertot396d ago

Here's to hoping she gets what she wants with this. That was an upsetting fight for me and a lot of others to watch . definitely should have been a draw