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Johny Hendricks: IV Ban Made 170 Impossible

ohny Hendricks has not had a good time of late.

Since losing his UFC welterweight title back in December 2014, "Bigg Rigg" has suffered three defeats in his last four fights and also had the embarrassment of one canceled bout and two missed weight cuts. Shortly after his last loss to Neil Magny at UFC 207, Hendricks announced he'd be moving to middleweight, and he makes his 185-pound debut this weekend against Hector Lombard at UFC Fight Night 105.

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HippieRays432d ago

Well now I suppose I can understand what was happening with him. I'm really hoping he does better this weekend at 185, can't wait to see him in Halifax!

Mcgregornador432d ago

I never took that into consideration, I shouldn't have been that disappointed in him. Hoping he does well at fight night Saturday!

TheBadElfDude431d ago

I would get a really good laugh out of it if he did miss weight. There would be no appropriate response other than laughing.

T0phav0k431d ago

It's happened before. Anthony Johnson went up to 185 cuz he kept missing weight at 170. His first fight at 185 he missed weight by an insane amount. I think his body shutdown and the doctor gave him fluids and he ended weighing in at like 200. Vitor still whooped him regardless.
Anyways, it's a dangerous attitude. He should not be "eating and drinking whatever he wants". He's like a junkie except he's addicted to food. You know any drug addicts that would NOT do all the drugs available to them if given the chance? And he's flat out saying he's eating and drinking whatever he wants. What a fat ass.

Mcgregornador429d ago

He's looking great! I'm really hoping he wins this weekend, I'd hate to see him retire. & I heard that's the plan for him if he loses.