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Brock Lesnar Informs UFC of Retirement from MMA, Removed from Drug-Testing Pool

Brock Lesnar's mixed martial arts career appears to be over.

A UFC spokesperson on Tuesday told MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi the former UFC heavyweight champion has informed the company of his retirement.

In July, Lesnar returned to the Octagon for the first time since 2011 and beat Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

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armbarred401d ago

Bye bye Brock. I really hoped to see you get your butt kicked one last time by Hunt.

IamTylerDurden1401d ago

Sorry that Brock smashed your hope by destroying Hunt. Brock is an incredible athlete to do what he did, respect the man. Especially after we saw Phil Brooks embarrass himself trying to do the same thing. NCAA, WWE, UFC champion.

wannabe gamer401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

"... tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs."
lol get that sword on his chest out of your throat

lodossrage401d ago

I'm sorry but no, I've lost respect for him the moment he got into the WWE/FCW and started juicing. The reason he got anywhere beyond NCAA was because he was a giant steroid machine and Vince Mcmahon "looks the other way" for certain people if he sees he can make money off of them.

Same thing with Dana White. Back in Brock's first UFC run testing was there, USADA had no testing agency competition and didn't bother doing their job testing Brock (and many other fighters). It wasn't until recently when they had other agencies doing the same that they FINALLY started doing their job.

He's stepping away from MMA because he knows he can't fight and win without being on some substance plain and simple.

Don't get me wrong, some talent IS there. But I'm not going to respect someone that had to be on steroids for the duration of both his WWE and MMA careers.

And for the record, being WWE champion means nothing. All it means is the boss likes you and/ or you make the company money so they "decide" to put the belt on you. It IS staged after all.

armbarred400d ago

He is an incredible athlete, I just don't like the guy and his drug abuse - especially against Hunt who is a real fighter.

HippieRays400d ago

'Bye Felicia' lol Happy Retirement Brock, stay off the roids and away from the octagon!

Mcgregornador400d ago

Good for him! Best to get out then clean up for him. I see this is a heated thread, all I will say is Hunt would have won if Lesnar wasn't on steroids.

TheBadElfDude400d ago

Needs to get out of that USADA pool so he can do his other job.