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Dustin Poirier wonders if Nate Diaz wants to wait for Conor McGregor, or if he'll throw hands

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier has to heal his leg after a “Fight of the Night” slugfest with Jim Miller at UFC 208.

When he’s ready to return, though, he knows who he wants to fight.

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HippieRays435d ago

I would love to see Diaz vs Poirier after Dustin heals. But I am sure Diaz is waiting for the big money fight, McGregor. if they ever make part 3 really happen

Mcgregornador435d ago

Dustin vs Nate could bring in some good money, Nate would probably be open to it. Won't be the 20 mil he wants lol but it'll be something

Tatertot434d ago

Diaz will never make 20 mil for a fight, the man is dreaming big. I hope he jumps on the Poirier opportunity if it really opens, that would be a great fight to see.