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Fedor explains picking Bellator over the UFC

One of the true legends in MMA will make his debut in Bellator on Saturday when Fedor Emelianenko meets Matt Mitrione. Emelianenko may be the most famous fighter to never step foot in the Octagon, but that almost changed last year when the promotion started negotiating with him again. Unfortunately a deal couldn’t be reached.

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armbarred402d ago

Bellator were willing to come up with more cash, plain and simple

HippieRays401d ago

That's how it goes these days, UFC pays their big stars big cash and their regular guys "peanuts". Bellator offers their regular guys more money, that's why they're all going there. You're so right

Mcgregornador401d ago

Most of the fighters without contracts right now are choosing Bellator over the UFC. Those with contracts nearing are eyeballing the opportunity too

Tatertot400d ago

Can't blame him in the least, money talks. These guys put their lives on the line for our entertainment, and UFC doesn't pay very well in comparison.