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Germaine de Randamie Grabs Title Over Holly Holm Amidst Controversy (UFC 208 Results)

Germaine de Randamie made history at UFC 208, beating Holly Holm in the evening’s featured bout in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Saturday to become the first UFC women’s featherweight champion.

The main event went the full length of 25 minutes with judges seeing de Randamie earn scores of 48-47, 48-47 and 48-47.

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Mcgregornador401d ago

I felt so bad for Holly. I was really hoping she had a win in her this time around, maybe next time

HippieRays401d ago

This was a shock for me. Holms looked great and Germaine got a shot or two in after the bells. Hopefully a re-match in the future

Tatertot401d ago

Germaine cheats with heavy hits after buzzer when Holly wasn't defending herself. This made me so mad to watch, and Holly after wards to the press even more so. Germaine even stuck her tongue out after landing two shots after buzzer the second time. A point should have been taken away, we need a real champ, not a cheater.

401d ago