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Brunson: I knocked out Uriah Hall, I can do the same to Silva

Derek Brunson: Uriah Hall ‘is on the level of Anderson Silva’s striking’, and I knocked him out

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armbarred436d ago

It's been proven that Silva can be knocked out and in the world of MMA if one person can do it, then so can others. Of course he can be knocked out.

IamTylerDurden1436d ago

Anyone can be knocked out. Hall is a different striker than Silva.

IamTylerDurden1436d ago

Anderson is only fighting for money and the UFC is pimping him out. It was shameful to throw him in against a beast like DC at LHW on short notice and now they want him to get ko'd by Brunson. They should be giving Anderson favorable matchups and building him up at this point. He is the goat, a comeback run would sell tickets.

Tatertot434d ago

Brunson did an amazing job in there, he won in my opinion but Silva got it for his star power. Ah well, still a great fight