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Having ‘conquered everything’ Anderson Silva says he just wants to enjoy fighting

Anderson Silva’s last UFC title fight will be burned into the memories of mixed martial arts fans for years to come.
Just over a minute into the second round of the main event at UFC 168 Silva, who was attempting to reclaim the middleweight strap he surrendered to Chris Weidman five months prior, threw a leg kick. Weidman, as training dictated, swiveled his knee to check the kick and in doing so shattered Silva’s fibula and tibia, ending the fight via TKO.

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armbarred405d ago

Just don't be a cocky dickhead and we'll enjoying watching you fight too Silva.

Mcgregornador404d ago

Agreed! he used to be one of my favorites but then his arrogance over took his incredible talent. He is still talented, but not electric as he used to be

HippieRays403d ago

Well that's good to hear, and it shows in his fights. He just wants to enjoy it and not be the best, I suppose that's to be expected after being on the top for so long

Tatertot403d ago

Silva has been in the game for so long he has mastered many techniques. I find it definitely shows that he is still having fun with what he's doing