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Morning Report: Ferguson goes off on McGregor: ‘He’s trying to look for excuses on his way out’

On March 4th, Tony Ferguson will take on Khabib Nurmagomedov for the interim UFC lightweight championship in a bout and a title shot a long time in the making. The fight pits the top two contenders in the division up against one another as current champion Conor McGregor awaits the birth of his first child (/chases down a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr.) and the winner should be set up for a shot at the real title later in the year.

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Mcgregornador401d ago

Ferguson is really good at talking shit, but he can't back it up like McGregor can. Either way, I'm hoping Khabib gets this victory

HippieRays401d ago

I'm not sure how McGregor is fake as f**k, he is an amazing fighter and has proven it time and time again aside from the first time with Diaz.

Tatertot401d ago

McGregor vs Ferguson would be great to see, but I would much rather Khabib and Conor go at it personally